The Future Is Robotic…And Dinosaur

Introducing: ROBOBITE 60000

Extinction doesn’t have to stall your career as rulers of the earth. Are you a fossil just trying to make your way through a hectic modern era? Are you tired of powering uninspired vehicles with your remains? Annoyed at global franchises that still don’t portray you accurately? Are you bored with being locked behind glass in museums, only a fraction of your bones on display?

There’s no need to despair. ROBOBITE 60000 is here for you!

Designed by real animatronic dinosaurs resurrected from DNA and the latest technology, ROBOBITE 60000 is a complete body makeover. Never again be vulnerable to a bigger predator’s teeth! Don’t worry about foraging high trees when your neck is on the shorter spectrum! With this fully customizable 3D printing technology, we can make you into not just a dinosaur…but a robot dinosaur.

Fancy laser eyes? No problem. Jetpack so you can fly without wings? Got you covered. Sonic roar to shatter buildings? Done. We offer custom colorations, over a thousand styles of scales or feathers, and a lifetime warrantee for your exoskeleton. Make the humans tremble again at sight of your majesty and power.

With ROBOBITE 60000, you will never again be extinct or obsolete. The future is here, and it is robotic. Contact your local ROBOBITE 60000 representative today, and take back the Earth that you once ruled!