RAWR 2.0!

In the distance, you hear the rumbling of mechanical gears. The ground quivers as if from the stomping of hundreds of huge machines…Could it be? Are they back? You wait, breath held, and then—you see them.

The robot dinosaurs have awakened from slumber!

gif of dinosaurs roaring (from Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur)

Hi, friends, it’s been a chaotic few years, hasn’t it? (Holy fossil fuels, Dino-Bot, has it been two years?!)

Life has happened; plans changed; some dreams got put on the metaphorical back burner while more Life Stuff happens. It was my plan for ages to re-launch the Kickstarter for the ebook/print anthology. And I still want that to happen! (I also super appreciate all the folks who offered support and assistance and cheering for this. <3) But for now, it is a hiatus goal.

Things are uncertain and scary right now. You know what is not scary? ROBOT DINOSAURS! I had the privilege of purchasing a handful of stories intended for the anthology last year, and with these authors’ permissions, we are going to release the stories online instead.

One day, there will be a book-formed thing full of these excellent tales (and tails). Hugo-Nominated artist Grace P. Fong has made a stunning cover art! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

artwork by Grace P. Fong (c) 2019

One day, this amazing art will grace (*wink*) the cover of an honest-to-bones book-shaped thing. We all need futures to look forward to, and this project is one of my dreams. It’ll happen.

Until then, I hope you will join me in roaring for a newly hatched clutch of robot dinosaur stories!

Beginning Friday, March 20th and extending through April 2020 (and maybe beyond!), I am be honored to present you several new stories. They all spark joy.

Thank you for staying with us during this evolution of plans—now lift up your head and RWAR!!!

—Merc Fenn Wolfmoor