We are CLOSED to fiction submissions.

WHAT IS THIS? An open call for ROBOT DINOSAURS! stories (we will be accepting between 3 to 4). These stories will be ebook/print anthology exclusive—they will not be immediately available online, though you are welcome to sell reprint rights after a three-month exclusivity period of the anthology’s publication in ebook and print.

RIGHTS: three-month exclusivity upon publication, and non-exclusive archival rights for the anthology (ebook and print) thereafter. All other rights (audio, film, etc) are yours. We will ask to use excerpt from your story as promotional material on the website (usually a few paragraphs at most).


  • Payment is $60 USD (payable via PayPal, preferably, and check if in the US).
  • Story must feature a robot dinosaur of some kind.
  • Stories must be written in English, original, and unpublished.
  • Story must be between 750 and 1,200 words long. (You may query for longer works, but the flat fee remains the same. We will not consider anything over 2k.)
  • Strong language, sexual content, and violence are fine–please no erotica. We prefer PG-13 stories to match the general tone of the project.
  • Story must be original and not use copyrighted or franchised characters or settings.
  • Simultaneous and multiple submissions: yes! Sim subs (sending the story to ROBOT DINOSAURS and another market at the same time) are fine, so long as you let us know if the story is accepted elsewhere as soon as possible. Multiple submissions (up to three per author) are also fine, but please send each in a separate email.



  • The submissions call is open to anywhere in the world!
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a legal guardian to sign the contract; that said, we are more than happy to consider stories from persons of any age!
  • We welcome stories from people of any ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, neurotype, socio-economic status, etc. We would especially like to see stories from people of marginalized identities!


RESPONSE TIMES: We will have all final responses sent out by the end of August 2018. Initial responses (rejection or hold notices) will be sent on a rolling basis, dependent on how fast we can read subs (and the volume of material we get). Due to the expected number of submissions, we will likely not be providing personal rejections.



We are currently CLOSED to submissions.

Please attach the story as an .rtf, .doc, or .docx file. No PDFs, please.

Please use the subject line “SUBMISSION: [your story title]”. So, if your story is called “My Awesome Dinosaur Story” your subject line should look like: SUBMISSION: “My Awesome Dinosaur Story.”

Cover letter: please include your name, the title of the story, and the word count. You can address the email to Merc, Editors, Mighty Robot Dino Wranglers, or just say hi. (Please don’t paste your story in the body of the email.) If you would like to tell us about yourself, feel free—but really, a short cover letter with just the facts is all we really need.

Formatting: We prefer Times New Roman font, 12pt, double-spaced text.  Formatting such as italics or bold can be indicated as such. Please include your contact info on the first page of the manuscript. Otherwise, just ensure the story is readable (no wild fonts or colored text, please) and don’t stress it, really—you’ll be fine! 🙂 It takes us a few seconds to re-format if needed for readability. We base decisions on the story itself, not how it looks.

When to query: if you do not receive an initial response by September 1st, 2018, please poke us. Sometimes emails go astray or get chomped by the overexcited microraptors living in the internet!

Alternatively, if you have a question, or need clarification, or wish to query about story length or other submissions-related concerns, please email Merc:

Thank you! We are very excited to see your stories! RAWR!


We are currently CLOSED.

Payment: $75 US per piece (paid upon publication; we prefer PayPal but can accommodate with paper check if in the US).

Details: high quality jpg or png file for use on and included in the ebook and print anthology ROBOT DINOSAURS! Preferably portrait orientation. Would prefer exclusive use of the image for one month upon publication, afterwards non-exclusive rights to keep the image on the site with its assigned story. No explicit violence or sexual content in the images: they should be PG rated.

We would especially like to hire marginalized artists (POC artists, queer artists, trans artists, disabled artists, artists along multiple axises) so please do not self-reject! <3 We absolutely want to see your work. 

We will update this page when submissions are open again. Apologies for non-responses sent to the editorial email address.