Our Staff

Editor-in-Claw & Publisher
Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

Merc is secretly a robot velociraptor in disguise. They are a short fiction author and filmmaker. ROBOT DINOSAURS! is their brain-hatchling because what two topics are better than robots and dinosaurs? Exactly.


Print Consultant
Rhiannon R-S

A queer illustrator and writer, Rhiannon R-S works with juxtaposition and layering, especially comparing and contrasting humanity with elements of monstrosity and phantasm. Find their work at rhiannonrs.com and @charibdys on Twitter

Twitter & Social Media Robosaur
Kathryn Kania

photo courtesy of Kathryn KaniaKathryn Kania is a writer and teen librarian living in New England with a partner and a cat. They enjoy swing dancing, food, and storytelling of all stripes. They once saw a T-rex strip on stage and it’s all been downhill from there. You can find them on twitter @Katykreation or on Goodreads.

Kathryn helps run the @robodinofiction twitter account!